For Fast, Safe, accurate chemical delivery

The foam and disinfectant chemicals are diluted in a room away from production areas and distributed to the SatFlow satellites via pipework systems. There are huge benefits to you in investing in the ChemfFlow system:

  • Eliminate manual handling of chemicals - major reduction in injury claims
  • Huge reduction in wasted labour, reducing costs and adding to the bottom line
  • Single titration points - admin time cut right down and much easier audits
  • Eliminate chemical contact issues - no concentrate chemicals in contact with personnel
  • Absolute accuracy with chemical dosages - eliminate wasted chemicals, protect food safety
  • Purchase chemicals in bulk - further savings to add to the bottom line
  • Instant cleaning facility - wasted labour movements virtually eradicated
  • Ultra modern cleaning methodology - in line with best practise to impress your customers
  • Water power under control - no fluctuation in chemical application means consistent results
  • Chemicals mixed with cold water for optimum effectiveness

ChemFlow Centre

ChemFlow Centre

The ChemFlow centre consists of a booster pump which takes cold water and boosts the pressure to an ideal pressure for foam application.

Chemical injections pumps then draw the chemicals from remote bulk tanks or IBC containers and inject them in to the flow of water produced by the booster pump. The booster pump and the chemical pumps speed up and slow down according to demand.

  • Water lubricated booster for minimal maintenance problems & costs
  • Absolutely consistent pressure for perfect chemical accuracy
  • Only mixes chemicals on demand and the exact quantity demanded - all waste avoided
  • No concentrate or dilute chemical storage tanks to protect from chemical degradation
  • Uses minimal floor space
  • Can mix & distribute up to 4 chemicals simultaneously

ChemFlow Combi


The ChemFlow Combi combines all the features of the ChemFlow Centre with a PowerBoost pump to give you chemical dilution and water power in one.

This unit puts the benefits of the ChemFlow system within reach of smaller users.



This is the user point where the dilute chemicals and water power are delivered to the operator for ultimate cleaning power.

  • Built of solid stainless steel for trouble free, long life service
  • No moving parts so they work all the time, every time
  • Colour coded for easy and fast selection by the operator
  • Available in various configurations to suit your exact application

Q2 Installation
The Chemflow System is installed by QJS approved contractors. The pipework delivering the chemicals to the SatFlow is made from a unique WELD FREE, chemical proof system for your safety and long term reliability.